I’m Christine LeMuse Ohura Hello Nice to meet you…

I’m Christine LeMuse Ohura Hello Nice to meet you…

I’m Christine LeMuse Ohura Hello Nice to meet you…
I’ve been missing for a long time but I’m back n here to stay!
Here’s Where You Can Find ME…
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Whatever You Do, Don’t Read This!


I Agree with Resident Alien — Being Dutch in America
by Barbara Backer-Gray…
Heavens no read this…
…Ahhhh But I’m selfish.
I like to keep the good ones to my self…
Ummm I love…
Funny …
I loved the Interaction with Michael Farkness and Company!
Ok I’ll Share It heheheh…
Christine E. Reist
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samurai-sword-umbrella-2I discovered this blog, Conservative Newswire, only last week. I immediately became a follower, because I felt sorry for them. Such inexperienced boys, they were obviously never going to make it without the benefit of my help.

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This is “Childhood Cancer Awarness Month“ and More Health News from Ollamok


Cancer is a very destructive to all that it touches not just those that carry it!!!

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Thank you God my son has Autism only instead of this horrible other.
I never thought in writing, I would be crying. Tears of joy my son on
the spectrum means he will see the complete stream of light ROGBIV. Please
help me write that your might will make these things come to light.

>>>>Go to this page:   http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/coping/youngpeople

The National Cancer Institute will tell you all about it at another page your taxes pay for at this place.

*******Go to this page:   http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Sites-Types/childhood

Now wouldn’t you think they would be letting people know about this page?  I am not going to keep you guessing! If my child had cancer; I would be screaming my ears off why had they not told me about this.

??????Go to the page:  http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Sites-Types/childhood#q6

Now I iz gonna talz like a hic thaz a not sound’n very smartz!  Yet,  I have this…

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Ismark: The Marked Boy – Prologue

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Cal took a look at the books. He knew he couldn’t keep up with the expenses and the Sorian taxes. The slaves he was bringing in from the mainland wouldn’t be there for another three weeks and the tax collectors wouldn’t wait for him to sell them. He couldn’t sell the Ismarkings because of their expertise in mining. He looked out at the rough landscape and the coal mines. The slaves and their overseers where kept busy by their daily routines. Cal knew that he had to drive them harder to meet his quota and his tax expenses. He exhaled in frustration. He had come from the Sorian city of Syrenthal, so he knew of both the slave business and shipping, and he had learned the mining business in Barkoth, but the Ismark landscape had thrown him more challenges than he cared for. Rough winters and an unruly population had…

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TOOOOOOO Far Bad Girl Miley Shame on you!

#Sinead I could not agree with you more!!!!!
I was debating saying anything as I didn’t want to give it more exposure than it already got but……I actually came across your letter in the middle of writing my own the Miley!
I was on her side till she started doing things that would hurt others!!! She went on Record saying “E” was her fav drug of choice she even went into detail saying that it is harmless as long as you don’t drink! But that weed was her main drug of choice.
Where the he double hockey sticks is her management?
I hold her personally responsible a long with her management for anyone teen that dies from E!!!! #TheRecord and the #TorontoSun ran it shame on them too!!!!!
Miley if you were my daughter I would spank your bottom you’ve been a very bad girl!
I had full intention on promo-ing the heck out of #WreckingBall but now I have to say until you recant your position on a very dangerous drug!!!!! I have to say farewell and how dare you bring Sinead into your mess what she did was brilliant and made a statement all you did was throw a tantrum then you put a deadly pill in the hand of everyone of your fans!!!! Shame on you!!!!

through this whole fiasco I still supported you saying ” The girl just needs her space….but you Miley Cyrus you must understand your responsibilities !!!!
You have young impressionable teens living and breathing your every word!!!!
You can ask my sons I have spanked their bottoms E isn’t a drug to throw around a billion teens any teens anyone!!!!!
It takes nothing to die from even one pill!!!

Ok..I’ll Say it “I Luv U Pink, Your Words are Gold”

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I would like to preface this article with the success I have had since. Getting over myself was the best thing I ever did!

What I didn’t realize that while I had been singing the words to now this is cool I couldn’t figure out why I’m feeling out of sorts lol

So I just flipped the page and low and behold there you are talk about Karma so I took a Picture heheheh I have this great new Capture Feature on my tower so cool check this out:

I love @Pink You aren't my hero or my idol what you are is  an example to all Women giving HOPE STRENGTH and POWER in your words I give you my #RESPECT   #Ohura #MARSocial

I love @Pink
You aren’t my hero or my idol what you are is an example to all Women giving HOPE STRENGTH and POWER in your words I give you my #RESPECT #Ohura #MARSocial

I I real enjoy writing and really enjoy reading everyone’s articles and posts the reason I took another look at this article and I’m glad I did…

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